Lots of shows coming up! This one is next


Friday, January 7, 2011 · 8:00pm – 11:00pm

Lowry Lab Theatre
350 St. Peter Street
Saint Paul, MN

The Lowry Lab Theater is THRILLED to announce the inauguration of a new monthly comedy series cleverly entitled “Lowry Lab Laughs”.

Please join host Zach Coulter and a stellar lineup of funny people for an evening of mirth and merriment.

The evening will feature the standup comedy of…

Amber Preston
Colleen Doyle Justice
Gus Lynch
Jenn Schaal
Mike Lester

As well as improv from Dave Kappelhoff and The Senate!!

Tix are $12/$10 with a Fringe button

Libations will be available for a (small) donation.

New Year’s essay

Hey friends,

I’m writing a New Year’s essay — my version of the holiday end of year letter, but literary, sans braggery, and excluding activity updates about the kids I forgot to have. It’ll be about a page and a half, it’ll be funny, and I won’t be posting it online. I’m working on getting back to my creative nonfiction essay writing roots, and I need an audience. That’s you. Please?

If you would like your very own copy in your very own mailbox – and you’re not a member of my family or circle friends that I’ve already got on my mailing list – please send me your address.

I promise I won’t do anything nefarious with it, I’ll just send you an essay. I’m a good person, really. I don’t do nefarious things, though some would argue that’d loosen me up a bit. . . It will, however, let me know that you have been reading and take away some of the anonymity of the internet interactions we all have. This is a community building exercise for me, as well.

Requests with “New Year’s essay” in the subject line to: voixdemichele (at) gmail (dot) com. Essays will be mailed out the first week of January.