New Year’s essay

Hey friends,

I’m writing a New Year’s essay — my version of the holiday end of year letter, but literary, sans braggery, and excluding activity updates about the kids I forgot to have. It’ll be about a page and a half, it’ll be funny, and I won’t be posting it online. I’m working on getting back to my creative nonfiction essay writing roots, and I need an audience. That’s you. Please?

If you would like your very own copy in your very own mailbox – and you’re not a member of my family or circle friends that I’ve already got on my mailing list – please send me your address.

I promise I won’t do anything nefarious with it, I’ll just send you an essay. I’m a good person, really. I don’t do nefarious things, though some would argue that’d loosen me up a bit. . . It will, however, let me know that you have been reading and take away some of the anonymity of the internet interactions we all have. This is a community building exercise for me, as well.

Requests with “New Year’s essay” in the subject line to: voixdemichele (at) gmail (dot) com. Essays will be mailed out the first week of January.

3 thoughts on “New Year’s essay”

  1. About teaching. . . Have you read “When Teachers Talk” by Rosalyn Schnall? I have been thinking of putting together a skit showing the humorous side (BNW style) of leadership experiences in the schools. D’accord, peut etre I will not be able to go back to teaching if I do.

    Good luck with your venture!

    1. One reason I’m super cautious about spoofing my field is that I really love having a regular paycheck! Thanks for the good wishes!

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