don’t let collective bargaining die.

I don’t have the habit of bringing any sort of political debate into my blog space, but I’m absolutely appalled at what’s going on in Wisconsin right now. If you haven’t heard yet, here is a really great summary article by Mother Jones. Basically, WI Governor Scott Walker is trying to get rid of the collective bargaining rights of all of the state’s union workers — you know, people like teachers and nurses and most skilled blue collar workers who bust their tails at their jobs every day.

I went to a rally at the MN State Capitol building yesterday that was lead by the MN AFL-CIO — my first political rally ever — to protest the actions of Governor Walker and to let the MN state legislature know that we won’t stand for a similar move. Fortunately, Governor Dayton  is on the side of the workers.

Union jobs are the ones that provide the most community services, and we deserve the right to negotiate for fair salary and benefit packages. Plain and simple.

I’m a novice to political activism. I’ve been lucky enough to live in a bit of a liberal Democrat haven here in South Minneapolis for quite some time. But the current assault on community services – like de-funding Planned Parenthood and the National Endowment for the Arts, as well as the attempt to dismantle collective bargaining has gone too far. I can’t stay silent and wait for my more articulate and passionate peers to stand up for our right to an arts-rich, healthy, and reasonably paid life in our communities.

So yeah. I went to a protest. I made a sign. And I’m getting on the phone and writing letters and looking up addresses now, despite the fact that I have an active aversion to the immature and venomous direction that most political arguments take. I felt like I needed to post about it here, because learning to be more actively engaged in my community is a vital part of my development as a creative being. The best art comes from deeply felt passion, and a community without artists who care about their neighbors isn’t one where I’d care to live.

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