I made a tumblr blog

When I was going through my old blog and trying to find posts that I wanted to share, I was surprised by how much sadness permeated the stories that I remembered feeling really good about when I wrote them. Taking a break from blogging and doing other creative things has given me some perspective on what kind of writer I would like to become, and I am relieved that my obsession with suffering seems to have run its course.

I don’t really need another blog, but I’d like to keep this website dedicated to longer posts. SO. Chez tumblr, I plan post photos I’ve taken and little snippets of things that will get me writing. I’m calling it Voix, en morceau. In France, when you want sugar cubes, you buy sucre en morceau. I like the idea of sweet little pieces of text and image that provoke new ideas and that will hopefully inspire me to write in different directions. Plus, I have about eighteen thousand five hundred and twenty six zillion photos that I’ve taken in France and Quebec and Martinique and Chicago and Minneapolis and. . . everywhere! that I feel like putting on the internet, and I don’t particularly like using Flikr.

If you have any favorite quotes or writing prompts that you find inspiring, please share! You can post them as a comment here or email them to me directly – voixdemichele (atsign) gmail (dotcom). And if any of the stuff I’ve posted gets you writing, please share the link with me and I’ll post that, too.

Happy Friday, everyone.


Kisses for comments!