Tying it all together

Wow – that was really fun! My three show run of Pardon My French had good attendance, plenty of laughter, and enthusiastic participation in all three post-performance panel discussions. I’m satisfied with how it felt to do the show again, and very gratified that so many fellow teachers, community members, and even current and former students came to see me. It seems like my little show has some legs, and I’m delighted to have gotten so much feedback on the content of the show and on my performance. Merci infiniment to everyone who was able to attend.

Creative production is so immensely important to me – writing, performing this show, doing improv, and learning to be a better storyteller take up the majority of my non-teaching life. I hope to start blogging more about this journey I’m on: to become a better and more productive artist. I hope that you’ll join me by checking back in every once and a while and maybe coming to a show if you can.

Speaking of shows – I’ve got two more coming up in the next two days! Some friends of mine have started a storytelling series (modeled somewhat after The Moth) and the very first event is tonight. It’s called HOT DISH – and tonight’s theme is “Heartache, Heartbreak, and Happy Endings.” I’ll be telling the super fun sad happy tragic love story about me and the boy who took me dancing. Click the link above for all pertinent information – and if you can’t make it, there will also be a live stream of the event on The Uptake, starting at 7:30 p.m. Central Time. All things being equal, I might also get a video clip of me telling my story and post it here – but that might take me a little while, as I’ve got a lot of other stuff going on and my technical skills tend to fall into the “special needs internet user” category when I’m worn out.

AND: Tomorrow night at the Brave New Workshop, my improv team The Senate will be performing. Show starts at 7:30. BNW is at 2605 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis. Tickets are only one dollar.

Finally, I’d like to offer you a Valentine’s Day reading suggestion: The book Why We Love by Helen Fisher is all about the nature and chemistry of romantic love, and why we as a culture go so nutso about romance being the central part of our lives. (Hint: it’s hardwired into our brains that romance is essential to survival. No wonder we all get so confused.)

Have a shiny happy day! The snow is melting in Minneapolis, which is going to put everyone here into a better mood, I’m sure. Onward!

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