16 thoughts on “Things on my mind: Mostly questions”

  1. I think exclamation points are used to convey excitement in what is otherwise a flat medium. Now 17 in a row is a bit much. One will usually do it.

      1. I like to use them at the end of all my sentences because when I take them away, it reads all sad.

        I like to use them at the end of all my sentences because when I take them away, it reads all sad!


        I – am juvenile!

  2. Cool format.
    I often use exclamation marks on line and in emails and I seldom use them in other writing. My theory: the sensory deprivation chamber and festival of first drafts that is the internet. They are short hand for enthusiasm and good will which I would otherwise get across in other ways.

    As for writing as distraction: Almost anything can be a distraction from thinking about what we don’t want to think about but writing is a pretty healthy one, esp since it often allows us to circle back and process those things we didn’t want to think about.

  3. Ah, originality and writing… the overlap there can be tough. In grad school, it totally seemed to everyone that this guy had stolen a character from my script for his film. He claimed he came to it independently. All these years later I accept that that’s possible, but it sure didn’t feel that way at the time.

    All about the zeitgeist, right?

  4. I think that even if writing is sometimes a form of distraction from all of those other parts of life that we don’t always want to deal with, it may help us with your question on discernment. In writing we can redefine our ability to discern and instead of trying to act as the person we’d like to be rather than the person we are, we can just write and those two positions in life can become the same.

    I very much enjoyed the the reflection. It led me to my own. 🙂

  5. Well, I don’t mind if I’m not original. I do like the sound of my own noise and if anyone else likes it I get very excited and use lots of exclamation points!
    Love your format.

  6. I love this, both form and substance. i have lots of answers, but they are pretty much useful only for me. For example: I couldn’t host a visiting teacher because having a guest that long would make me psychotic, and i think restlessness is sometimes a csomic message and sometimes just a need to change positions. Beautiful post.

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