I’m melting!

I love it when they love me back.

Oh friends. The school year is almost over, and I got the sweetest note ever from one of my graduating seniors.

I swear that I didn’t pay her to write this.

I’ve written a guest post for Teaching Tolerance, as I made it past the first vetting process for new teacher bloggers, but I don’t have a guarantee that they’ll use what I sent them. It was a story about a fight and bystander/spectator violence. Daily life in the classroom is tough, and the things I have to say about teaching and equity education feel mostly like unanswerable questions. We’ll see if they use what I wrote. I hope they like it.

It isn’t hard to prepare good lessons and stay reasonably organized while presenting them. Developing curriculum and achieving benchmarks? Of course, piece of cake. But being a real live, breathing, sweating, authentic human being in front of 150+ people every day? Man, that is hard work. It’s hard to know whether or not I’ve been successful most of the time. Then I get thank you notes from students about to graduate and I dissolve faster than a plate full of macaroons at a tropical tea party.

11 thoughts on “I’m melting!”

  1. OMG, I got a wonderful letter today too and I bet it is from the same student. I almost cried when I read my letter, it was so touching. What a wonderful girl she is and a wonderful future she has a head of her.

    So exciting about teaching tolerance. That would be a cool gig.
    Now your assignment this weekend is to go and relax.

  2. If you get that teacher blogger gig, I will die from happiness, even as I’m recovering from your fringe festival show. I am so very proud of the way you just go for it.

    That note made me smile.

    1. It made me cry, then smile, then cry again. There may have been hugging.

      The cool thing about just going for it is kinda like what I posted on your blog already: I like to try for challenging things – I have nothing to lose, as I already don’t have them – and the time between the time I know whether or not I’ve been successful and now will pass regardless of my efforts. Ergo, I have absolutely nothing to lose by trying new things.

      (When)(If) I have the TT gig, I will nearly die from happiness while immediately becoming anxious about my ability to continue to rock out posts honest and heartrending posts about being a teacher and being concerned about equity and tolerance education.

  3. Michele,
    You mention from time to time that you wonder what your purpose in the world is.
    My take: Your purpose is to put a little (or alot) of Michele Campbell into those you meet so that they in turn will follow suit and so the essence of Michelle will be perpetuated over and over even long after you’ve left this sphere.
    Not a bad legacy it you ask me; which of course you did not. 🙂

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