Father and daughter time

Cell phone tweets from Cooperstown, NY. Read from the bottom for chronological order.

My dad isn’t so much a baseball fan as he’s a 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers fan. Today, whilst driving back through upstate New York on the way back to Chicago from Montreal, QC, Canada.

I learned more about Jackie Robinson and the integration of Major League Baseball and Brooklyn, NY in the 1950s and his grandpa’s farm on Long Island and all his cousins than I ever thought I’d know. My dad is a great storyteller. I haven’t seen as animated as he was today in a very long time.

Plus: I got a Jackie Robinson Brooklyn Dodgers jersey. I’m sure I’ll be wearing it around Mpls over the next few weeks.

3 thoughts on “Father and daughter time”

  1. My family used to spend summers near Cooperstown and my dad took us to the HoF almost every year. He’s been gone more than a decade now and I hadn’t thought about our trips there in probably at least that long. They’re good memories for me; thanks for bringing them back.

  2. How wonderful! Baseball is the best sport for storytelling, I always say, & sounds like you & your dad made a great connection. Enjoy your Jackie Robinson jersey!

  3. I knew you would have to see the Brooklyn Dodgers exhibits with your Dad! We loved the Dodgers and hated the NY Giants and most especially the NY Yankees. We were heart broken when the Dodgers left Brooklyn – haven’t rooted for them since.

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