Life of Art: an interview series

You know what’s annoying? Nobody gets a gold star for living a normal, sane, even-keel middle class life. No matter how much I may resist paying bills on time, remember to wash body and clothes, stay fed and sheltered and somewhat fit – it’s expected that I figure this stuff out. It’s the responsible thing to do – a standard to maintain if I don’t want all my friends and family to think I’m trashy, crazy, or just plain irresponsible.

And the mechanics of daily life (which includes holding down the job that I’ve got to have to pay for the shelter, food, maintenance, and entertainment) take up lots of time. Most of every day, I’d say.

And then there’s this creative impulse living inside me. It wants me to stay busy, write books, make collages, travel, photograph, learn to draw, write movies, do improv, and audition for plays. It wants me to tell stories at microphones, create new video and podcast content for my students to practice their language skills, learn to scuba dive and take pictures of coral reefs, and make friends with every single creative person who crosses my path. It’s busy in my head, friends. Very busy. And I try so many things that I’m not particularly good at. Then I get frustrated and give up.

Sometimes my creative impulse makes me tired, other times I just dive head first into a new project without considering the impact said project will have on the state of my yard, kitchen counter, and food supply.

So I’ve become very curious about how other artists in various stages of their careers are managing their life of art and what Ira Glass calls getting past the gap between being a beginner and doing art that matches your taste. SO – over the next indeterminate while, I’m going to interview* other writers, actors, visual artists, musicians, etc. and ask them how they juggle it all.

I hope you’ll join me. This should be fun!

*If you’re interested in being interviewed, shoot me an email or post a comment here.

8 thoughts on “Life of Art: an interview series”

  1. I am not really an artist, nor do I purport to be one. However, I am extremely interested in writing – and in “working” on my creative writing. I kept a blog for years, and still write short poems and essays that have been published in my school’s literary journal. I will, however, not use, at this point in time the word “writer” to define myself. I am, as you know, a French professor. That’s how I make a living. That’s my “normal” life. I would like to participate in your interview series to investigate what the relationship is between my “everyday” life and my “writing” life.

    I’d be glad to ask Claire if she’d be interested in participating in this interview series (just let me know if you’re interested as well.)

  2. This is an excellent idea. I’m sure you’ll have no shortage of interviewees, but you know where to find me. I can’t wait to see you — so soon!

  3. I’d love to participate in the interview series–& I have one on Robert Frost’s Banjo that I’d love you to participate in! Will email you with more details later this evening.

  4. Enjoyed reading the first interview. If you’re so inclined, I wouldn’t mind participating and providing my perspectives as a community theatre director.

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