Endings, beginnings, etc.

It’s departure day! My Abu Dhabi, UAE expat teaching life begins.

île de Groix

So, you know. Here’s a list.

  1. Getting moved out of my house so the renters could move in was definitely the most stressful part of this process. That’s what that whole cranky last post was about.
  2. I’ve been homeless living as a guest with friends and family since the beginning of July.
  3. I’ve been taking lots of pictures, but I feel like I haven’t captured nearly enough of everything that I love and want to bring with me.
  4. I started missing Minneapolis like crazy within two weeks of moving away.
  5. My family is pretty great.
  6. Sofa beds aren’t as comfortable as regular beds.
  7. I want to bring eight suitcases of books and clothes and shoes and knick knacks. I hear that’s a bit excessive. I have to pare it down again. Three suitcases, maybe. It’s getting to be about time to finish deciding. Yuck.
  8. Decision-making fatigue vs. What Do I Pack and What Could I Possibly Leave Behind after getting rid of a household full of stuff = Drama Brain.
  9. And at the same time – it’s only stuff. And they have stuff in Abu Dhabi. And I really don’t need to Drama Brain. It’s a coverup for being really nervous.

    They didn't all ask for help.
    I’m guessing my new students won’t send me texts like this asking about exam questions. Plus, there isn’t any Passé Composé in English.
  10. I am going to miss the bejeezus out of my SHS students. A handful of them have FB friend’ed me and I imagine them creeping through my albums of pix and wishing they could find photos of me getting drunk at parties. This makes me laugh. What they’ll mostly find is jackassery of a 39 year old lady nature – and proof that I’m not nearly as great a photographer as I’d like to be.
  11. I miss already my full bookcases full of books that I was going to read one day but mostly didn’t get to and gave away anyhow. And Oh Mah Gahd I’m still teaching but going back to school at a totally different place than I’ve gone back to school for the last 14 years holy crap am I really doing this no way Abu Dhabi is 120 degrees in the summer what was I thinking this is going to be so much fun!
  12. My project this past year was: Get a job overseas. I have successfully completed that project. Maybe I’ll start to write again?
  13. Can I even call myself a writer anymore? Lots of kinks to work out of my system since I haven’t been practicing much lately. Knowing that writers read, I filled up my e-reader with books about the Middle Eastern cultures and history and traditions as well as books of thoughts written by Westerners about encountering the Middle East. I especially want to read the new translation of 1001 Arabian Nights – if only the Kindle edition would be re-released!
Tidbit: My fellow Americans have a lot of misconceptions about the Middle East. I would like to misconception bash as much as I can.

I want this to be an active and awesome expat blog. That may happen. Stay tuned here and to my Twitter feed  for updates. Here goes nothin!

Oh, and PS – THEY HAVE IMPROV IN ABU DHABI. I am so excited.

One thought on “Endings, beginnings, etc.”

  1. If I’ve gleaned anything about you over the years that we’ve known each other it’s that you are a strong, smart, talented, and all around incredible person. I envy the kids in Abu Dhabi who get to have you as their teacher.

    Minneapolis misses you, SHS misses you, we all miss you, but please have the time of your life! This is such an amazing opportunity and adventure you are embarking on! Keep up the blogging!


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