Shoot! I forgot to have something interesting to say this weekend!

Well, my NaBloPoMo streak is broken. Got distracted over the weekend by life, fun, etc. and totally blew off my blogging. Whoops!

Things I’m digging today:

  1. The idea that Third Culture Kids – children who grow up as expats, outside of their parents’ home country/countries – are “quick to think outside the box and can appreciate and reconcile different points of view.”
  2. Cute clothes from Mark’s and Spencer – a British department store that is the closest thing to Macy’s I can find here.
  3. Eight books and a handful of handwritten letters showed up in my PO box this week. If you are looking for a penpal, I’m always game for more.
  4. The Humans of New York Hurricane Sandy relief fundraiser. Photojournalism and community activism at its best. Check it out.
  5. Knowing that there is snow falling in MN and I’m not there for it.


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