Tough to be far away.

I haven’t heard anyone say it better than this.

One of my college friends, Sarah Becan, has a comic called I Think You’re Sauceome that’s all about food, how delicious it is, and how food and body image issues dance around each other in sometimes self-destructive ways.

Thankfully, she’s let me share today’s comic about the very real effect of Hurricane Sandy on the daily life of people in the affected communities. I’m heartbroken over all the photos of flooding, fire, and destruction.  I am incredibly grateful for the emergency first responders who have been saving lives and also to the Red Cross and other community organizations for always being there with blankets, food, clean water, and emergency shelters. Please consider donating if you’ve got electricity in your home and food in the fridge. Love up your countrymen, you guys. They deserve it.

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