Things that are true and help me believe that I’m actually a real live expat now

• I’ve gone through an entire full sized tube of toothpaste – one that I bought new the week I moved in to my apartment.

• Local cucumbers are amazing and I don’t know if I can ever live without them again..

The cucumbers here are so fresh, they still have blooms on them and they are never waxed.

• I wake up at the same Oh My God Thirty hour every day, even when I don’t have to go to work.

• I’m wondering how I ever lived without a housekeeper. My bathrooms are always clean! Whaaaat? That never happened before and now I realize how totally gross I am without someone to clean up after me.

• I’ve done a freelance writing project for a big publishing house and suffered gloriously through the writing process. It was curriculum writing. I missed all my old resources and knew in my mind’s eye exactly where the books I wanted were on the old shelves of my classroom and former office. I started longing for the books I gave away.

Project takes over the dining room table – that’s how you know it’s legit.

• I’m starting to think about errands as adventures instead of confusing and frustrating chores that involve getting stuck in traffic. I may even blog about them soon!

• Reading about far away places like Turkey and Sri Lanka and Morocco sends me directly to SkyScanner to investigate airline ticket options for my next holiday. Some of that travel is even affordable! Then, I go directly to the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Forum and start creeping on everyone who’s ever written about going there. I am rediscovering my love of research. Istabul betta watch out. Ima be all over her within the year.

• People at The Club remember my name and I’ve forgotten my phone at one place or another so many times, the staff just hunt me down and bring it to me.

I pretty much get to go here whenever I want.

• I’m considering this Ed. D. program once I’m done getting out of debt. I can totally see myself living here for the next ten years. I love and hate the idea of going back to school – but it must mean that I’m feeling more settled, even if I don’t think I feel that all the time.

• Paris is waiting for me – heading there on June 10 and will be in France for 3 weeks. This will be a “farewell for now” excursion – I’ve got a whole lot of world to explore, but I booked this trip as a let me see all the things I love just one more time and without students thing. I can’t really afford it, but I’m doing it anyway because I want to reward myself for not getting stuck in fear and anxiety for the last year. See previous item about debt. Parlez-vous Visa? This excursion is also legit because I’m also working on a collection of essays about travelling with students that will hopefully come together on this trip. Writing! In Paris! There are things that suck a lot more than that. Life is pretty awesome.

I’m pretty sure I’ve taken this same photo at least 25 different times. It’s still my favorite.

Stay tuned: Blog overhaul and more posts about random Abu Dhabi adventures should be coming soon. Have you ever been date tasting? There are things to learn! Dates – the kind you eat – are a big deal here. . .


5 thoughts on “Things that are true and help me believe that I’m actually a real live expat now”

  1. I love that you’re finding your way and you absolutely deserve a BIG reward for picking up stakes & replanting yourself here. It takes so much energy and patience to adapt to new worlds…bravo. And I will think of you sitting at a cafe, with a scarf draped *just so* around your neck as you sip cappucino and write in your notebook as Paris life drifts by you along the rue de you’resocool. xx

  2. Thanks for the update! Love hearing how things are going and what it’s like. Quite the adventure!

    Also, it’s totally cool to photograph the same subject 25 different times. That’s how you get to really know it & also score the best atmospheric conditions. Love the flying buttresses!

  3. I think you are incredibly brave! I recently read The Paris Wife & it reminded me of all the great artists and writers that went to Paris to write. Best of luck to you on your adventures!

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