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nestling in to my new space

Intrepid teacher, Bayonne, 2010

It’s taking me a while to figure out how to use Word Press, so this website still doesn’t yet have all the bells and whistles I want. My desire is to have an online container for all of the creative directions I’m exploring. A life of art is a messy one, so I’m not sure how I want my site to function just yet.

Just for a start, I have added a new set of pages here to contain some of writing from my old blog.  A brief explanation is HERE, and all the blog writing I’ve reposted is underneath that tab. They’re primarily the stories and blog posts that I miss having around, if that makes any sense. I’m a romantic at heart, and rather attached to some of my words.

I’ll also be adding a page of links to other places you can find my work on the interwebs, and probably a tab devoted solely to book reviews.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Tying it all together

Wow – that was really fun! My three show run of Pardon My French had good attendance, plenty of laughter, and enthusiastic participation in all three post-performance panel discussions. I’m satisfied with how it felt to do the show again, and very gratified that so many fellow teachers, community members, and even current and former students came to see me. It seems like my little show has some legs, and I’m delighted to have gotten so much feedback on the content of the show and on my performance. Merci infiniment to everyone who was able to attend.

Creative production is so immensely important to me – writing, performing this show, doing improv, and learning to be a better storyteller take up the majority of my non-teaching life. I hope to start blogging more about this journey I’m on: to become a better and more productive artist. I hope that you’ll join me by checking back in every once and a while and maybe coming to a show if you can. Continue reading Tying it all together