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Tying it all together

Wow – that was really fun! My three show run of Pardon My French had good attendance, plenty of laughter, and enthusiastic participation in all three post-performance panel discussions. I’m satisfied with how it felt to do the show again, and very gratified that so many fellow teachers, community members, and even current and former students came to see me. It seems like my little show has some legs, and I’m delighted to have gotten so much feedback on the content of the show and on my performance. Merci infiniment to everyone who was able to attend.

Creative production is so immensely important to me – writing, performing this show, doing improv, and learning to be a better storyteller take up the majority of my non-teaching life. I hope to start blogging more about this journey I’m on: to become a better and more productive artist. I hope that you’ll join me by checking back in every once and a while and maybe coming to a show if you can. Continue reading Tying it all together

New Year’s essay

Hey friends,

I’m writing a New Year’s essay — my version of the holiday end of year letter, but literary, sans braggery, and excluding activity updates about the kids I forgot to have. It’ll be about a page and a half, it’ll be funny, and I won’t be posting it online. I’m working on getting back to my creative nonfiction essay writing roots, and I need an audience. That’s you. Please?

If you would like your very own copy in your very own mailbox – and you’re not a member of my family or circle friends that I’ve already got on my mailing list – please send me your address.

I promise I won’t do anything nefarious with it, I’ll just send you an essay. I’m a good person, really. I don’t do nefarious things, though some would argue that’d loosen me up a bit. . . It will, however, let me know that you have been reading and take away some of the anonymity of the internet interactions we all have. This is a community building exercise for me, as well.

Requests with “New Year’s essay” in the subject line to: voixdemichele (at) gmail (dot) com. Essays will be mailed out the first week of January.