Here are some other articles and essays — you can read more of my work at the links below:

Teaching Tolerance magazine asked about “lessons learned outside of the classroom.” Here’s an article I wrote about making sense out of bystander reactions to violence in school. Article: Lunchroom Fight Prompts Lesson

When Levi Weinhagen was the guest editor for the Minnesota Playlist, he asked me to write an essay about the internal process similarities between acting and teaching. Here’s what I wrote: Teaching As Performance Art, MN Playlist, June 2011

Here’s an article I wrote for the MN chapter of the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) Fall 2010 newsletter:
Pardon My French, an exploration in teaching and learning or Why I created a one-woman show about my life as a French teacher.

I wrote an flash (non)fiction essay for a really fun event sponsored by Replacement Press and Paper Darts Magazine. It’s a short piece about using the word “awesome.” (Warning. There’s some profanity at the beginning, so if you’re easily alarmed, skip this one.)

Four writers, one line of inspiration each, 40 minutes to compose an original story that each writer then read to the audience. Michele’s sentence of inspiration was: Erica uses the word “bunghole” a lot. Of all the words she uses, “bunghole” is probably her favorite.

AND I got to write a couple literary arts profiles:

The Making of a Modern Day Druid – Writer Michèle Campbell talks with author, fiddler, and raconteur “Wild Bill” Watkins about his storied personal history, his complicated heritage, and the perennial allure of Celtic culture.


A Reporter Investigates the Darkest Story of His Life: His Own. Writer Michèle Campbell delves into David Carr’s provocative new book, NIGHT OF THE GUN, in which the author uses investigative journalism techniques to uncover the truth about his drug-fogged past, and in so doing re-imagines the boundaries of memoir.

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