About me

Michele contemplates how much she loves art.Hi! I’m Michèle Campbell. I’m a teacher, writer, and performer. I taught high school French and ESL in Minneapolis from 1998 to 2012. I’m now working in Abu Dhabi, UAE as a college English teacher.

This website is my creative portfolio, teaching resource site, and travel blog.

Voix is the French word for voice: Have you ever lost your voice before? Like when you have a cold or something? You know how frustrating it is to have that headache and sore throat and fever and no voice and a desperate and abiding need for someone to bring you a 7Up, but everyone is downstairs watching TV with the volume up really loud and they can’t hear you croak out for help?

Yeah. I hate that feeling. And on some kind of cosmic, granola-crunchy, universalish level, I felt like I had no voice in the world for a really long time.

Then I started making all the art I could make. Now the stories just keep coming.

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