Mary and Maria

Mary is a great cook, but only in her dream sequences.

Mary, an awkward and luckless romantic looks to the recipes of a famous French chef for the answer to her loneliness. She discovers that cooking isn’t as easy as it looks, and that finding love takes more than gathering the usual ingredients.

This short film was a participant in Women Stand Up and Shoot! 2010.

A Film by Todd Wardrope

Written by Michele Campbell

Mary: Michele Campbell
Maria: Jen Scott
Sarah: Laura Mahler

Charlie: Pat Ellwein
Jeff: Johnny Hebert
Randall: Mike Grandys
Mark: Nate Morse

Mitchell Lee
Felix Strates
Brita Bengston
Anika Eide
Michael Bartsch
Steven Lewer
Eric Bengston
Matt Clementson
Mark Bispala
Mari Troshynski
Erin Maurelli

Special Thanks:
Art Roy
Melissa Hansen
Kelly Coyle

Cafe Accordian Orchestra

Equipment Provided by:
TW Video Services

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