Nelson’s Evening Report

Prepared 6.2 oz skinless chicken breast, four potatoes, one onion, and 7 oz bag of snow peas with sweet and sour sauce for dinner. Wok experiment gone awry. Use fewer potatoes next time.

Watched episodes 12 thru 16 of Season 2 Star Trek: The Next Generation. Added episode annotations and comments to online forum. Continued Riker: Beard debate for entertainment purposes. In all actuality, there is no debate.

Killed 3 large black ants discovered in kitchen. Swept, mopped, and sanitized kitchen floor. Bacteria shall not be tolerated!

Blocked 78 spam followers on Twitter. Retweeted 24 posts by Roger Ebert.

Checked phone for messages 65 times.

Maintained minute by minute watch on email and Facebook accounts. Verified proper function of wireless internet connection. All systems properly functioning. Reason for lack of incoming messages from intended recipient remains unknown.

Went to bed at 12:02 a.m.

** Originally posted 5 July 2010

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