Fringe reviews

Quotes from the 2010 MN Fringe Fest web reviews:

“A very nice look at what it means to be a teacher, or more importantly, what it means to be a good teacher. I have no doubt that Madame touches students lives in ways that they won’t admit and their parents will never realize…”

“I never took French, but felt very comfortable during the performance. I thought it was well paced and a good mix heavy material and comedy. It’ll make you laugh, cry, remember the ‘good old days’ and why you only want to remember them and not relive them.”

“A wonderful performance from Fringe Fest Newbie – Michele Campbell! This comedy is sprinkled with tragedy and served warm as a crepe – with a side of French swear words tossed in for good measure. Hers is a true-life story of Life within the Minneapolis Public School System. Madame C lets you in on a few little secrets to her success and daily survival with High School students.”

“This first-time Fringer has put up an entertaining and educational one-woman show. Michele’s writing and delivery sparkle. Her laugh lines have punch. Her more introspective moments hit exactly the right notes, mood-wise. Her interaction with the audience appears effortless, too.”

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